About us

Hi I'm Blanca, a creator of Remarkable Wonders! 

I'd like to share a small background story of who I am and why this business was created. 

I am the daughter of two Mexican Immigrants, who had the privilege of being raised by the awareness of both cultures. Every winter and summer, my family travelled to Mexico to visit our family and beautiful land of El Dorado, Sinaloa. It was on these trips that I would see third world impoverishment. It was on these trips that my parents taught me the value of helping those less fortunate and to give without ever expecting anything in return. On my last trip of August 2019, my family threw a small town event where we gave away free school supplies and coloring books to over 50 children as party favors. It was then brought to my attention how expensive school supplies were in Mexico. A simple box of 50 cent crayons cost almost $10 American dollars. Most people in that town were making $60-70 a week, barely enough to feed their families. It's when I knew I had to help. With the help of my parents, we managed to gather enough supplies for 150 children in Mexico that were just delivered 6/12/20 because of covid. We built Remarkable Wonders with the hope of continuing and expanding this charity work, while paying live-able wages to our future employees! The goal is help 300 children this year and we know we will accomplish it!! We thank you ahead for your support! --P.S.*I'm wearing glasses because I had a very serious eye condition at this time!

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